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The Omegawave Method/System

Each measurement analyses

DC-EEG Potential

Heart Rate Variability


Windows of Trainability™ are based on your

Current readiness

Stress levels

Energy reserve

Improve your




Proven in Science

The present study implies that the use of HRV and DC potential are effective methods for monitoring stress levels in athletes. This was evidenced by the significant differences observed in vertical jump, vertical power, broad jump, and aerobic efficiency between experimental groups..

Chris Morris, PhD
Director of Applied Sports Science

The results indicated that high, compared to low CNS Omegawave […], were associated with increased CMJ […], Power […], Omegawave Overall Readiness […], and Omega Potential […].

Aaron Heishman, PhD
University of Oklahoma

The main finding was that 3000-m running performance improved only in the HRV-guided training group over the 8-week intensive training period, by performing less moderate and high intensity training sessions compared with predefined training.

Ville Vesterinen, PhD
JYU & KIHU (Research Institute for Olympic Sports Finland)

Our Solutions

Omegawave Professional

For personal trainers, coaches at teams and gyms...

We actually code the entire list of players by red, yellow, and green as per their Omegawave.

Physical Therapist and Strength & Conditioning Coach

We utilize Omegawave for every player who plays significant minutes in a first team game or reserve team game

High Performance Director

Omegawave Personal

For the individual athlete

On the days where [Omegawave] gives me the green light and I’m green all the way across, I love that. When that happens, I’ll allow myself some extra challenges that day

Captain for the 2014 US Olympic team, ice hockey

Omegawave’s measures are a very good tool to evaluate how the body really is feeling and how you’re recovering.

800 meters, 1500 meters runner

Adaptive training plans

For the self-coached runner who wants to have Terrence in their pocket

I’ve improved my 5K record and my 7K trail experience at the same event from the previous year. 

Terrence Mahon

By being able to use the Omegawave daily readings the training plan will adapt to you. We are no longer stuck with a rigid program. 

Terrence Mahon
Olympic Coach

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A comprehensive DC-EEG Potential, heart rate variability and ECG analysis allow to assess:

  • The organism’s current readiness levels
  • The biological cost to adapt to stress
  • The body’s energy reserve